Carcassonne is the largest walled city in Europe. 

'La Cité', where, at least in legend, the heroic chatelaine defied the siege of Charlemagne. Makes the Disney Castles look like mud huts ... OK plastic copies of pantomime castles


The media report Carcassonne as being crowded and busy .... Get your timing right and it is quite peaceful except during August and on Bastille day


Despite its fairy tale appearance, Carcassonne has all the conveniences of a modern city with shops of every kind, supermarkets, cinemas and an abundance of fine restaurants.

Below the imposing fortifications is Ville Basse, the "low town." Here the open market offers wonderful seasonal produce, fruits, vegetables, flowers, regional cheeses, smoked fresh meats and the delicious locally bred duck.

Regional busses make the short trip from Carcassonne to Caunes-Minervois (somewhere over yonder....) several times each day.

 Crowds ? The L'Okivette team on a day out  L'Olivette is out there to the right   Night and still crowded

Carcassonne ... a good reason to get dressed and leave L'Olivette for a few hours!