What is a "Ted" ????

             A BORING OLD GIT.....

Born 1956,  (old).   Married, Divorced, Married, Divorced, Married .. so at least one person thinks I'm a git!

Favorite slogan “the more people I meet, the more I like my dog” , boring 

 The slogan bit isn’t actually true, I made that up, I tend to go for “ ‘sall a load of gentleman’s dangly accouterments” but I try to grin and bare it despite the heavy burden I carry through life (see I can be boring!!)

 The Ted has been many things over the years:-

 Gillingham Grammar School 1967 to 1974 Jeff Reid in regular contact, Ceri Morgan, Phil Whitehead, John & Mick Niven & Geoff Gaynor all at the first Wembley Gills match, we was robbed!! Paul Clarke is an MP of course, do you remember him as the Labour candidate in the "school" election. Martin Kiernan has been in touch after finding the page, working for the NHS up north.

Met up with the football gang at the 3rd Wembley match Nick Skinner still the same ... had a beer with Keith Ormrod twice in 2011

4th Gillingham Sea Scouts Loads of fun, I see Dean Jordan from time to time. what happened to the rest of you?

University of Kent Canterbury 1974 to 1977 The BOPY corp. that’s
 Neil Duncan OSGOOD, Michael Andrew BANNER & William (Bill) PALLOT.
 Where are you now?
 White Rabbit are you there, Ou est le Tarpy de autan? Stevie Spring I saw you in the Magazine last issue!! (and got an e-mail in response to this message, it works!!) I have also recently heard from Sarah Wooden, now Fletcher, who works as Senior Infection Control Nurse somewhere in the East of England


Medway RFC At my first stag night??

Woolwich Building Soc. 1978 to 1980 Gravesend, Cliftonville, Ramsgate

RAF Cranwell 3 flt H Sqn, & RAF Shawbury ATC School 1980 Any readers??

DER Ltd Harrow, Edgeware & Charlton is anybody left I know they shut you all

Lundbeck Ltd 1987 to 1988  I met Norman Adam last year what happened to everybody else in Bernard Smith's team from then?

Beecham Research Ltd 1989 to 1991 I saw Wendy years ago, & Heather a year later but what happened to the Helens? Richard Norcross & the rest ?

Smith & Nephew Healthcare It’s been many years since I left. Any one wanting to stay in touch the address is lower down. I still have contact with Angela on Facebook, CJ? Jim?

SSL International The company formerly known as Seton Scholl. I was the SE London rep.

Fresenius Kabi Hospital Specialist for the Enteral Nutrition Division in South Thames Region

ALPHA NHS Development Manager (Clinical Governance) for this Public Health training and support organisation ... Then on secondment to the PCT to undertake project work around NPfIT, (the National Programme for Information Technology)

NHS Project Work at BlueSolutions UK Ltd  Contracts with Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Care Community, NHS Cambridgeshire, Greenwich PCT, Sheffield Hospitals and Leeds Hospitals

Quinta da Horta running a specialist bed and breakfast  in Portugalolid

Amazon Packing your Christmas parcels .. never knock anyone for a minimum wage job they probably work harder than you!

Addenbrookes Hospital IT Training for the new E-Hospital

L'Olivette back to being the host with the most wearing the least

And Just For Fun

The Medway Dance Orchestra 1988 to 1989

This Way Up 1989 to ????? Kent's finest Rock Blues Band if you played with us or saw us play drop me a line.

Generation Gap 2005 to 2006      Function band aiming to reproduce the best music of the 60s to the present day. 

Ted Bun Story Teller 2016           Writing stories for you to enjoy, Ted Bun's Book Store

If any of this makes sense to you, you know who I am send me a line or two at



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